"Chiropractic You Can Count On to Help You”

Chiropractic was not something new for me when I met Dr. Devin Weatherly. However, after meeting him and being treated by him, I gained a whole new outlook on my health and well-being. I have had chiropractic care for over 35 years. For many years my family and I moved a lot and I have lived in several different states. Therefore, I have been treated by 12 different Chiropractors including Dr. Weatherly.

I had driven nearly 470 miles to visit one of my son's and his family. Simply driving that far is very hard on me due to all the problems I have had for 35 years. I have been through several kinds of trauma, including numerous falls and three car accidents, which caused problems in my neck, shoulders, upper-mid-lower back, knees and feet. I have severe Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Depression, and Anxiety.

One of the most important things to me in a health care provider is compassion and respect; someone who will treat me with dignity. I found these in Dr. Weatherly. I honestly believe I received as great a treatment as he would give his own mother.

He was very kind to me and extremely thorough from the very first moment I was under his care. EVERYTHING improved within two weeks of treatment. After my long drive I was in a lot of pain all over. Sleeping was difficult, walking was difficult (especially up and down 18 steps at my son's apartment), and I had difficulty moving my head in any direction. My knees were hurting and having been through a total of five knee surgeries, I walked into the office with the notion that I would be facing another knee surgery. After two weeks under Dr. Weatherly's care I no longer feared a knee surgery at all. Within a matter of two or three days walking up and down those 18 steps was no problem. I began sleeping better, was able to turn my head any way I wanted, and my headaches began to disappear. My Fibromyalgia pain lessened significantly and the TMJ (trigeminal neuralgia) pain went away.

I greatly appreciate Dr. Weatherly's professionalism, compassion and treatment methods while I was under his care. You won't find anyone better! Thank you Dr. Weatherley!

~Tammy Inman

"Dr. Weatherley is an incredible professional and knows the techniques to assist your body in moving with ease and feeling better. Not only does he have the knowledge but he is kind and gentle with his treatments. He listens to your needs and then responds with appropriate actions to improve health in your body and mind. He is the best chiropractor I've experienced. I have seen many chiropractors over the years.


“Dr. Weatherley treated me for issues with my neck (c1 area) as well as lower back. He prefers to use the activator technique and is very thorough with his treatment. His style of treatment encompasses the entire skeletal system so that all subsequent issues that may arise from the misalignment of one or two areas are all corrected. Dr. Weatherley uses a gentle technique that is effective and good for patients ranging from the weary first-timer to those more experienced in chiropractic treatments.”

~B. Chien

"What a privilege to work with Dr. Weatherley for about 6 months. He addressed my sciatic pain with chiropractic adjustments, and he facilitated spinal alignment by setting me up on a special decompression machine. He also made a thorough check of my body and recommended exercises I could do at home at the proper time with my treatment plan. He carefully demonstrated the exercises as well as providing a video for my reference on my cell phone. He also talked with me about a recurring swelling in a formerly-injured ankle. He used a rubber band wrap, tightly binding my ankle then quickly releasing the band after a short time, so that the blood could rush back in for healing. This served to be quite remarkable to alleviate the swelling. Dr. Weatherley is delightfully conscientious and intuitive. He is thorough in his examination and very professional in his follow up. He introduced me to a new form of chiropractic, the activator technique, which I found to be less startling to my body and very gentle, but highly effective. He also taped my leg and ankle with ROCK TAPE when I was experiencing swelling. He thinks "outside of the box" to determine the underlying causes of a condition, and he tries new strategies. He goes above and beyond. He used a cold laser treatment on me when I mentioned I had some scars on my arms from a recent biopsy. This facilitated a much faster and remarkable healing of the scar tissue. My only regret is that he is no longer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My husband and I are so impressed with his intelligence, his professionalism and his sincere intentions as a healer. I not only recommend Dr. Weatherley to anyone, but I also got my husband in to see him...astonishing.”

~Brenda Spencer, Dallas, Texas

“You have helped me to make great progress in recovery. Your personal care and patience, and your detailed explanation of what has happened to me and how I could improve my health and bone-alignment and posture, have made me a lot more knowledgeable about my health, alignment-improved and generally happier. You have also shown me a certain set of exercises to loosen me up and to reverse my muscle-skeletal problems.When I first came to you in late-May 2014, I had chronic neck pain with a locked-up neck, lower back sciatic pain, uneven legs with the right leg being pulled up showing shorter than the left, and my left shoulder locked up giving me great pain whenever I tried to put my left hand over my head or behind my back. I could only turn my head to the right about 25-30 degrees and turn to my left maybe 40-45 degrees. I had to visit you at the clinic twice a week. Life as a “walking stiff” was a constant pain. When you graduated in mid-August and moved out West, I was able to show consistent improvements after about 20 treatments with you: my neck was a lot looser and relatively pain free, lower back pain became infrequent, right leg more even with the left, my head could turn to the right almost 60 degrees and to the left almost 65 degrees, my left shoulder was able to allow much less pain when moving my left hand above my head or behind my back. I am on my way to enjoying life much more. I am maintaining much better posture to prevent further alignment damages, and I am now on weekly maintenance visit your old clinic to keep the improvements that I have made. I would be happy to answer any question that your new patients may ask to help them get comfortable with your professional care and treatment.”


~Robert Tang

“I went to see Dr. Weatherley because of issues with my shoulder and headaches. My work caused problems with my right shoulder. At first I was not sure if he could do anything. I had been to a chiropractor before in and out such a short amount of time I was not even sure what they did. All of my visits with Dr. Weatherley were different. He took the time to find out what worked for me and did not let me leave until he was satisfied with the progress we made on that day. I have never had a Doctor that had taken that kind of time with a patient to make sure that the patient was completely recovered and satisfied with the progress. I can only hope that I can find another doctor as good as Dr. Weatherley. Thanks for everything!

~James Winchester

“The issues for which I was seeing Dr. Weatherley were my lower back and my neck. My lower back has been weak and would sometimes get out of alignment causing some minor discomfort and pain. My neck issues resulted from degenerative disc disease and bone spurs. Dr. Weatherley treated me using the Activator for adjustments rather than the traditional manual adjustment procedure. I was skeptical in the beginning that the activator would help versus traditional adjusting but I'm sold on this type of treatment. Dr. Weatherley is very well trained to perform this type of treatment.”



“Dr. Weatherley, THANK YOU so much for the therapy on my knees. Your active release technique, while not exactly comfortable, worked wonders on my chronic knee problem. When I first visited you, I described the knee pain as a “popping” ligament that felt fatigued, sore, and was quite frankly, debilitating. It had been this way for months and I was really starting to question whether my life would ever return to normal. My knee was swelling and I could barely walk two hundred steps without inflammation and significant discomfort. At one point, my knee was so bad that I was having a hard time caring for my young family. I had stopped all exercise, was feeling helpless, and was pretty frustrated. After you started your therapy, things gradually started to improve. The realignment plus active release technique was, as much as I didn’t look forward to it and gritted my teeth throughout, very helpful. I was about 5 sessions in, and if you recall, at one point, I heard a loud “pop” when you were working on my IT band, and immediately I felt a release and I just intuitively knew that you had fixed it – whatever it was. A wave of comfort finally flushed through my knees for the first time in many months. Within days I started walking normally again. I even worked out, slowly at first. But eventually I could use exercise machines. I even went for a run around my neighborhood without pain. These days I am back to normal. I run three times a week and am fully engaged and active with my family. My knee pain is completely gone. I feel like I have my life back and I owe it to you. Words will never fully express my thanks.”


~Brian Tang

“I came to Dr. Weatherley with significant shoulder problems due to 9 years of martial arts related injuries, including 2 dislocations and 2 AC separations. I found that it was very painful to lift any weight and my range of motion was severely limited. Dr. Weatherley explained the extent of my injuries and developed a plan to rehabilitate my shoulder. Because of Dr. Weatherley's extensive knowledge and skills in many techniques, I now have full use of my shoulder and have returned to practicing martial arts!”


“Dr. Weatherley was my chiropractor for about 5 months.His demeanor and treatment was excellent. He was very kind and respectful and knowledgeable. My condition improved greatly under his care. He is genuinely concerned about my health and wellness.”

~Barbara Chambers

“Thanks so much Dr. Weatherley! I am a student at the golf academy in Dallas and came to see if there was anything that could improve my golf game, resultant from seeing a chiropractor.I didn’t have any pain, but I was just looking to improve my overall wellness and range of motion. Dr. Weatherley was my first ever visit to a chiropractor. After Dr. Weatherley’s first neck & mid back adjustment and soft tissue stretching, my range of motion was significantly improved immediately. He told me to “go take it out for a test drive”, literally, on the golf course.I went home that morning and played my home course, which I had been playing for years…I shot 5 strokes UNDER my home record. On my next few visits, Dr. Weatherley developed a stretching and strengthening plan to further improve my game! Thank you!”